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Arlington Towing Co is a local towing services company serving the Alexandria and Arlington VA areas for over a decade. We are a complete residential and commercial towing services company and we also specialize in roadside services such as emergency towing, empty gas tank fuel delivery, flat tire replacement, accident recovery, collision recovery, vehicle transportation to repair shop, jumpstarting, battery replacement, and much more. Need professional and reliable towing services? Call 703-546-9434 immediately. Our professional drivers and technicians have over a decade of experience serving clients who have found themselves in a tough situation on the road in Arlington va. Our aim is to earn your trust and business as we strive towards our mission of delivering roadside assistance at affordable prices.

Whether you need your damaged vehicle to be moved onto the shoulder or transported to a nearby repair shop, or simply need a jumpstart on your car, give us a call and one of our trained representatives will dispatch a service team to your location immediately. For any type of towing service, call us at 703-546-9434 for service today.

Also stop by to inquire about our towing services in arlington va, and ask about our accident recovery towing, flat tire replacement, and emergency towing. At Arlington Towing Service, we keep our fleet of trucks and equipment maintained so we're prepared to tackle any situation in the field. We make sure to hitch and load your vehicle with care and do our best to take all precautions to prevent further damage.

We're open 24 hours 7 days a week, so call our hotline to request service today.

Our towing in Arlington website is being updated on a regular basis so please check back again soon for any updates.

Services We Offer

Tire Blowout Flat Tire


Tire blowout on the road? Sudden loss of tire pressure while driving? Trust Arlington Towing Service to help you with diagnosing and repairing a flat tire in an emergency.

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Emergency Jump Start Service


Is your car failing to start? You may have accidentally left your lights on and drained the battery. Luckily, Arlington Towing Co has got your back with our emergency jumpstart arlington va and battery replacement services.

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Towing Illegally Parked Cars


Is there a car that’s been illegally parked in your spot? Have you noticed a car that’s parked in an area for consecutive days without a displayed parking permit?

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Your Trusted Local Towing Company in Arlington VA

We specialize in towing services in the Arlington VA area and offer additional services such as roadside assistance, battery replacement, battery jumpstarts, refilling empty gas tanks, locked vehicles, flat tire repairs, emergency towing, and more. Our drivers are prompt and professional, and if you're looking for a insured towing company ready to serve you, give us a call today!

  • Emergency Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Gas Tank Refuel
  • JumpStart Battery Replacement
  • Towing Illegally Parked Vehicles

What Our Customers Say


Arlington towing is both fast and reliable. They came quickly this morning when I discovered something wrong with my car. I watched as they carefully loaded my rav4 onto their truck and transported it to the auto repair shop. The driver was respectul, listened to my concerns, answered my questions and overall it was a pleasant experience.

Meg M.

Satisfied Clients

I had a flat tire suddenly when driving in the rain. Called Arlington Towing Service and they came within 15 minutes. Roger took a look and said it couldn't be patched because of the wet conditions so he helped me swap to my spare tire which was flat. He helped inflate it and I was back on the road in less than 30 minutes! Smooth and hassle-free, would definitely recommend using these guys if you run into any emergencies on the road.

Jay T.

Satisfied Clients

My car battery died while I was on 66 and I called these guys for help. They sent someone out here and he showed up within 20 minutes. The driver arrived on the scene and introduced himself as well as explained what he was doing as he was inspecting my battery. Thankfully I didn't have to get my car towed and just needed a battery replacement! Thank you Arlington Towing Co for getting me back on the road and keeping my stress levels low.

Lourdes G.

Satisfied Clients

Towing and Roadside Repair Experts in Arlington VA